China Best Sales CE Certificate Agricultural Machinery Potato Harvester Spare Parts Cardan PTO Drive Shaft and Farm Tractor PTO Shaft Air Compressor Price

China Best Sales CE Certificate Agricultural Machinery Potato Harvester Spare Parts Cardan PTO Drive Shaft and Farm Tractor PTO Shaft Air Compressor Price

Product Description

A Power Take-Off shaft (PTO shaft) is an essential mechanical apparatus designed to transfer power from a tractor or similar power source to an attached implement, such as a mower, tiller, or baler. Typically located at the tractor’s rear, the PTO shaft operates via the tractor’s engine and transmission.

The primary function of the PTO shaft is to provide a rotating power source to the implement, facilitating its intended operations. To attach the implement to the PTO shaft, a universal joint is used. This joint ensures flexibility and movement between the tractor and the implement while maintaining a consistent power transfer.

Advantages Compared to Similar Products from China

  • Forged yokes provide robust strength for extended use and reliability.
  • Standard internal dimensions ensure smooth and effortless installation.
  • Products are CE and ISO certified, guaranteeing superior quality.
  • Strong and professional packaging ensures products arrive in excellent condition.

Product Specifications

In agriculture, power transmission from a tractor to an implement typically occurs via a driveline connected to the tractor’s PTO (Power Take-Off). This driveline links the PTO to the Implement Input Connection (IIC). Drivelines are also commonly employed within implements to distribute power to various mechanisms.

The following PTO types are available:

  • Type B: 13/8″ Z6 (540 min)
  • Type D: 13/8″ Z21 (1000 min)

Coupling a driveline to a PTO should be quick and straightforward, as tractors frequently operate multiple implements. Hence, yokes on the tractor end of the driveline are equipped with quick-disconnect systems, such as push-pin or ball collar mechanisms. Specifications for a driveline, including its coupling method to a PTO, depend on the implement. Yokes on the implement side are rarely disconnected and may utilize quick-lock couplings. Taper pins, known for their stability, are often used in yokes and torque limiters.

Torque limiters and clutches must always be installed on the implement side of the primary driveline.

Packaging & Shipping

Our packaging is designed to ensure the safe transit of all products. Each item is carefully packed with professional-grade materials to guarantee it arrives in perfect condition.

Other Products

EVER-POWER GROUP supplies a diverse range of industrial products, including agricultural gearboxes, power output shafts, sprockets, fluid couplings, worm gear reducers, gears and racks, roller chains, pulleys, planetary gearboxes, timing pulleys, bushings, and more. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional service. Customers are invited to customize products based on their drawings and samples.


1. What are your main products?

We specialize in agricultural parts like PTO shafts, gearboxes, and hydraulic components such as cylinders, valves, gear pumps, and motors.

2. What is the warranty period for your products?

We offer a one-year warranty for all our products.

3. What is the lead time for a regular order?

Typically, our standard products require 30-45 days. Customized products may take longer, but we are flexible and accommodate specific orders promptly.

4. What are the payment terms?

Upon quoting, we will confirm the transaction method (FOB, CIF, etc.). For mass production, a 30% deposit is required before production, with the remaining 70% due upon receipt of shipment documents. The most common payment method is T/T.

5. How are the goods delivered?

We usually ship goods by sea to ensure safe and reliable delivery.

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Understanding the Performance Characteristics of PTO Drive Shafts

PTO drive shafts, or power take-off shafts, are crucial components in various machinery. Their performance characteristics include:

High Efficiency

PTO drive shafts are designed to transfer power efficiently from tractors to attached implements, reducing energy loss and optimizing performance.


Constructed from high-strength materials, these shafts can withstand extreme working conditions and heavy loads, ensuring longevity and reliability.


They are adaptable to different types of machinery, making them a versatile solution for powering a wide range of equipment.

Safety Features

Modern PTO drive shafts are equipped with various safety features, including protective guards and shear pins, to prevent accidents and equipment damage.

Types and Characteristics of PTO Drive Shafts

PTO drive shafts come in different types, each with unique characteristics:

Telescoping Shafts

These shafts can adjust in length, making them suitable for equipment that requires flexibility in movement.

Non-Telescoping Shafts

Rigid and sturdy, these shafts are ideal for applications where a fixed length is necessary.

Material Advantages of PTO Drive Shafts

Steel PTO Drive Shafts

Known for their high strength and durability, steel shafts are suitable for heavy-duty applications.

Aluminum PTO Drive Shafts

Lighter than steel, aluminum shafts offer good strength-to-weight ratio and are resistant to corrosion, making them ideal for marine applications.

Composite PTO Drive Shafts

Combining the best properties of various materials, composite shafts provide excellent performance in terms of weight, strength, and durability.

Applications of PTO Drive Shafts in Various Fields

Agricultural Machinery

PTO drive shafts are essential in tractors and other farming equipment, enabling efficient power transfer to machinery like harvesters and plows.

Construction Equipment

In construction, PTO shafts power equipment such as concrete mixers and bulldozers, ensuring robust performance in demanding environments.

Industrial Equipment

Industries rely on PTO shafts for machinery like conveyor belts and compressors, facilitating smooth and efficient operations.

Marine Equipment

For marine applications, PTO shafts drive pumps and winches, proving their versatility and reliability in harsh maritime conditions.

Forestry Equipment

In forestry, these shafts power equipment such as wood chippers and log splitters, enhancing productivity and operational efficiency.

Future Development Trends and Opportunities in PTO Drive Shafts

The future of PTO drive shafts looks promising with advancements in technology and materials. Key development trends and opportunities include:

Advanced Materials

The use of advanced materials like carbon fiber composites can significantly reduce weight while maintaining strength, leading to more efficient and durable drive shafts.

Enhanced Safety Features

Innovations in safety features, such as automatic disengagement systems, can further reduce the risk of accidents and equipment damage.

Smart Technology Integration

Integrating smart technology into PTO drive shafts can enable real-time monitoring of performance and condition, allowing for predictive maintenance and reducing downtime.

Eco-Friendly Designs

Developing eco-friendly PTO drive shafts that minimize energy consumption and environmental impact can meet the growing demand for sustainable solutions.

How to Choose a Suitable PTO Drive Shaft

Selecting the right PTO drive shaft involves considering several factors:

Identify the Application

Determine the specific machinery and tasks the PTO shaft will be used for to ensure compatibility and performance.

Assess Power Requirements

Evaluate the power needs of your equipment to choose a shaft that can handle the required load and operate efficiently.

Check Speed and Torque Specifications

Ensure the PTO drive shaft matches the speed and torque specifications of your machinery to avoid performance issues and potential damage.

Evaluate Connection Types

Consider the type of connections required, such as splined or smooth shafts, to ensure a secure and efficient fit.

Inspect Safety Features

Look for PTO shafts with robust safety features like guards and shear pins to protect both operators and equipment.

Material and Construction

Choose a PTO drive shaft made from materials that can withstand the working conditions and demands of your specific application.


PTO drive shafts are versatile and essential components in various industries, from agriculture to marine applications. Understanding their performance characteristics, types, and material advantages can help you select the best shaft for your needs. As technology advances, the future of PTO drive shafts looks promising, with opportunities for enhanced safety, efficiency, and sustainability. By considering factors like application, power requirements, and safety features, you can ensure you choose a suitable PTO drive shaft that meets your operational demands.

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